Module One: Stress in your body

This module is designed to empower you towards feeling more confident and capable to handle the stress in your life by providing an understanding of exactly what stress is and how it manifests physically in both the body and the mind.

What do you Want to Know About Stress?

Stress is...

“If you accept poor performance, you will always have it”

Stress Response in the Brain

Have a look at this diagram of the brain. We all have a brain that contains these different parts, which control different functions and abilities in our body. Select each “brain” icon to reveal important neurological facts about how the brain is hard-wired…

How Does Stress Feel in Your Body & Mind?

Sympathetic nervous system switches on

Once your brain senses that there is a threat to its survival, it goes into fight or flight mode and a the sympathetic nervous system switches on. You have several different systems in your body: like your digestive system that digests your food and your central nervous system that recognises pain and pleasure. The sympathetic system is activated in response to stress to help your body to survive the threat that it feels may kill you.

Parasympathetic & Sympathetic Nervous System

Have a look at the following diagram of your sympathetic nervous system being activated in fight of flight mode in reaction to a stressor:

  • Now imagine you are in a stressed situation, then select each of the “heart” icons which reveal typical symptoms and ask yourself which of these symptoms would you experience in your body? Write your answers in your Stress Success course notebook:

Module One: Quick Quiz

The following short quiz consists of multiple choice and true false questions which pertain to information delivered in this module. Proceed through each question by selecting the arrow at right to complete this module.

Upon completion of this module’s material above, select the “mark complete” or “next module” button below to record your progress to proceed to the next module. This will save your place and your work on the course thus far and will enable you to complete the assessment at the end of the course.

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